Hey there, Sarasota pet parents!

Isn’t the Sarasota summer a blast? Sunny beach trips and barbecues, and the city’s just buzzing with life! But while we’re donning our sunglasses and sunscreen, our fluffy friends can find the heat a bit challenging. So, let’s share some insights from us here at Wiggle Your Tail Pet Care about handling pet care during these sizzling days, and introduce some cool items we’ve found work wonders for our tail-wagging pals.

One thing that hits us right in the face when we think Sarasota summer is that midday heat, isn’t it? Hot pavements can be a nightmare on those cute little paws. When we’re out with your fur babies, we make a fun adventure out of finding the shadiest, coolest routes for our walks. We encourage you to do the same when you’re walking your dog.

Hydration! How quickly we feel the thirst in a Sarasota summer, right? Just imagine how it must be for our furry friends. That’s why we always make hydration a fun, key part of our walks. We’ve come across this cool gadget called the Lesotc Pet Water Bottle. It’s quite the game-changer for hydrating your pup on-the-go!


Sun protection – it’s not just for us humans. Dogs can get sunburned too, especially the ones with lighter coats. We’ve found this product, the Epi-Pet Sun Protector Spray for Pets, to be quite effective. A few spritzes and your pup is ready for some sun-soaked fun!

Heatstroke in dogs is a serious concern we can’t ignore in the summer. It can show up as anything from excessive panting to vomiting. We’ve seen how the Arf Pets Pet Dog Self Cooling Mat Pad can be really helpful in giving your pet their own little chill zone.

And last but not least, let’s remember that summer is all about outdoor adventures! The daylight seems to stretch on forever, leaving us with plenty of time to explore all those dog-friendly spots around Sarasota. So whether it’s a sunrise romp at Bayfront Park or a sunset walk along the beautiful Siesta Key Beach, let’s ensure our furry friends are having the time of their lives!

From all of us at Wiggle Your Tail Pet Care, we’re sending our warmest (no pun intended) wishes for you and your pet to have a safe, joyful, and absolutely tail-wagging Sarasota summer. Summer is a perfect time to, well, wiggle those tails! Stay cool, Sarasota, and don’t forget to give your pet a little extra love from us!