How to Include Your Pet in the Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner, the festivities are about to begin! As much as all of our holiday celebrations tend to center around human traditions, there is no reason not to have your furry best friend be a part of the excitement. Here are some ideas on how to include your pup, kitty, or even parrot in your celebrations; making sure holiday time features all of the members of the family!

1. Bake Special Pet Treats 

Cooking and baking is a big part of the holidays, but a lot of human food isn’t very safe for your pets. Take the time out to bake special treats for your furry one, something yummy and safe for them to indulge in! You can find many different recipes online, as well as cute pet-themed cookie cutters.

2. Do a Holiday Photo Shoot

It’s just about time to get those holiday cards sent out, so why not include your pet? You can do a photo shoot with the whole family or even take your pet to meet Santa! Including your dog, cat, or other pet in the photo shoot can be a fun way to make sure they have a place in your holiday traditions.

3. Put Pet Presents Under the Tree or Have a Designated Stocking

If everyone in the family gets presents, so should your pet! You can wrap up new toys for your four legged family member and put them under the holiday tree with everyone else’s gifts, or make a designated stocking to hang up above the fireplace. New toys are always fun and exciting!

4. Have a Family Snow Day

Tis’ the season for snow! Take the whole family out for a fun snow day, whether that’s just your backyard or a roadtrip to the mountains. Frolicking in the snow can be a lot of fun for your dog, and even for some cats! If you have a short-furred friend, be sure to keep them warm with a sweater and some booties.

5. Watch Holiday Movies Together 

Who doesn’t love to snuggle up on the couch with some cocoa and a warm blanket? Part of popular holiday traditions are watching themed movies! Bring your pet along to cuddle to a warm and fuzzy movie, a fun way to spend an evening together. Just remember not to share your hot cocoa!

6. Donate to Your Local Animal Shelter

Part of the cheerful season is giving back to your community. You can make a donation to your local animal shelter or humane society in your pet’s name, helping the animals in need have new toys, delicious food, and warm bedding for the holidays.

There is fun to be had all around, happy holidays!